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Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

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Prototype Painting

Tutoring 3
Skill 8
Idea 8
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I had my prototype. So as I said I wanted this to be almost a study in textures. To this end I decided what types of textures will be involved. I think I need more but this is a good base point.

I used mainly hairspray, airbrushing and dry brushing to get this far. I think it needs some pigments but I have ran out also I think I can get a lot more variety out of the hairspray than I did.

Now I know what I am doing I will be able to do better tutorials on how to get this done on the other buildings.


Interior 1Interior 1
Interior 2Interior 2
Painted modelPainted model
It still stacks!It still stacks!

There you have it! Finished prototype. Didn’t take to long and I think it’s an ok building.

Thought about pre painting all of the components and just assembling this. I would do this if I were making a kit but the whole idea of this was free flow construction and I think the amount of touch ups to the paint would not make this worth it.

The rest should only improve from here. Looking forward to getting more texture in it.

Feel free to suggest other texture techniques and materials. Ones I am thinking about are polythene from carrier bags. glass elements, stippling on paint, newer metals etc.

I will start the next one and the how to’s next.  I was also thinking of adding a shop of some kind and a destroyed or collapsed building. This will be time dependant though.

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