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Tiny Epic Stonehenge

Tiny Epic Stonehenge

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Day 2

Tutoring 4
Skill 6
Idea 5

And so onwards with some paint.  A coat of 50/50 watered down Vallejo Earth over the sand and stones.  Once dry this is swiftly followed by a light drybrush of Vallejo Bonewhite.

I have decided to go back to flock for general basing having been a static grass only chap for some number of years.  I will add static tufts once the general flocking is done.

Firstly I mixed up some flock.  I like a variety of colours in the mixture as I’m too lazy to do a number of different layers and build up colour density that way.  Therefore I went to the local railway model shop and came home with a haul of Woodland Scenics flock and an empty canister shaker.  I then mixed half a big bag of Earth Blend Blended Turf with half a small bag of Fine Turf Burnt Grass and a fifth of a small bag of Fine Turf Weeds.

I looked at the model and decided the stones needed a lift.  I decided on a dry brush with my usual stone colours of Vallejo Cold Grey and Vallejo Stonewall Grey over that.  Once this was done I covered about three quarters of the base with thinned PVA glue leaving some random pathces to represent bare earth and then scattered a liberal coating of the flock mix over the top.

Day 2

Then some static tufts to finish off.  I’ve selected some Tajima1 mixed size tufts in Battlefield Mix and Moss, alongside some purple flowers from miniNatur.

Day 2

We are done.  I’ll probably seal it with a few squirts of Testor’s Clear Coat tomorrow once the glue has gone off properly.

I’m very happy with the final effect.  I’ve included a nice druid (Veran who is Wargames Illustrated’s current show special miniature) for scale.  I had fun making this and I hope you enjoyed this Project.  Thanks for rating and commenting.

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Looking the business. I am very impressed. Can’t wait to see it after the clear coat)It looks great now however. Thank you for sharing.

(Note: Originally I was going to have the first line of this comment read “Who the %^%$ builds a Stonehenge?” in reference to this song Then I realised that if you didn’t know the song that would be very offensive…. so I didn’t post it ….. But if you were aware of the song … Well, That was my feeble attempt at wit 😀 )


I literally just checked the comments to see if someone had already linked this video or not 🙂

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