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Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

Terrain Challenge – Shanty Town

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Finishing the communal shanty hut.

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Finishing the communal shanty hut. I didn’t get this done last week but did manage to find some hours throughout the week and finished this on Thursday.

I wanted this to look more taken care of as this wouldn’t be a single of family dwelling but a community building and as such better build and repairs.

I used all the same techniques as before I like everything on this apart form the roof. I had something in my head and just didn’t achieve this I think if I were to do anything again it would be this but it can be pulled off and replaced later due to the modularity of it.

Just as well the car wash down the road from the shanty town got blown up for materials. 🙂

The only thing done different was the notice board for side quests. In my (sci-fi) RPG this would mostly be done via a terminal but in this location I think a noticeboard is more fitting. This was just some balsa wood and some print outs varnished and sprayed with washes.

Front side Front side
Back sideBack side

One last post to come with some conclusions and I will end this. But As I have finished a project I am off to get stuff to start the next.

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