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A moment in time

A moment in time

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Some progress at last!

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So, as the description of this project hints, this is a busy time of year for me work wise, so I’m struggling to get anything done.

However, I finally found some time to get the rest of the colours on the minis. Normally when doing a project I like to take a lot of photos and do a running commentary, but I have to apologize for just giving the basics here, as I’m doing a bit of painting in the odd half hour when I get chance, so don’t get an opportunity to photo every bit of progress.

The models still look a little flat, I haven’t had chance to add highlights to everything yet, and I will add varnish and a wash to add depth once that is complete.

However, I think the set up with the corridor shows the final result I am going for a little better.


Thanks for looking!

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