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Stuffed Fables

Stuffed Fables

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Tutoring 2
Skill 5
Idea 3
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Dollmaker FrontDollmaker Front
Dollmaker BackDollmaker Back


Hair and White Cloth – I based with Scale75 Mishatonic Grey and glazed the shadow with Scale75 Decay Black and Scale 75 Green Skin Flesh then Hilight with mix of Scale75 Purity White.

Mask – I base with Scale75 Peanut Butter and Glaze shadow with mix of black and green. Hilight with mix of white focus on Fore head and nose.

Google – I based with Scale75 Bosh Chestnut and Glaze shadow with mix of Black then hilight with mix of White. Google Lens I based with Scale75 Amarith Blue and use Purity white for line and dot to make the reflection.

Gloves and Trousers – I based with Scale75 Green Skin + Goblin Flesh and hilight with Goblin Flesh.  I used opposite color to shadow with mix of Scale75 Decay Black and Mayhem Red to glaze.

Ears and Bare feet: I used Harvester Flesh for Skin Tone and glaze with mix of Black and Green for shadow. Hilight with mix of white.

Shoe: I based with Scale75 Bosh Chestnut with hilight on the top with mix of white.

D2 – This is just for fun and not Neat. I used pencil to draft and paint with Scale75 Green Skin and Goblin flesh

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