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Manda's (Amachan) Adeptus Mechanicus

Manda's (Amachan) Adeptus Mechanicus

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The Plan Part 4: Unit Markings.

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A vanguard trooper and alpha from the 46th unit.A vanguard trooper and alpha from the 46th unit.

What do the markings mean?

Every unit has a number on their chassis or robes, this number is the number of the unit. Next to that is a Greek letter, in the case of the vanguard above it’s Ω. This marks the maniple they belong to and this is only applied on the leader, alpha or princeps of the unit. Above the number is the emblem of the Forge World, in case of the leader, alpha or princeps this is replaced with a skull. The emblem above the numbers is only applied on robes, vehicles will usually have the emblem of the Forge World applied on another location on the vehicle. Units are very much divided in the way the codex allows.

Each maniple only contains one form of unit, 6 units of Skitarii or 3 units of bigger of bigger troops like Kataphron Destroyers or 1 big unit like an Onager Dunecrawler. 3 maniples form a cohort and 4 cohorts form a macrolade.

My force for now will be 18th Macrolade of the Forge World Metalica.

The markings on the robes are not a 100% accurate for Sicarians, Sydonians and everything apart from the Skitarii themselves, but I’m going to use this for the whole army.

How am I going to get my numbers?

All units I have for 40k have a markings on the bottom off their bases and that corresponds to an Excel sheet where I keep track of what the unit is and also the progress through painting and such. This marking consists of 2 letters followed by a dash and then 2 numbers. For example: SW-02. This is unit 02 or the third unit (the first is 00) for my Space Wolves. For the Mechanicus I will be using ME-xx. The numbers of these markings will be the numbers I use for the unit markings and it will help each unit stand out from each other.

Yes, this will make the army less flexible for using models in a different unit than that I defined before, but for me building and painting a unit like this is more interesting and they will look more interesting on the battlefield. I can always add to units that are not on their max limit of models to make a full squad or otherwise just make a new squad.

The identifiers for my maniples.

This is the list of maniple identifiers and to which cohort they belong in my force.

1st Cohort

  • 1st Maniple – Δ
  • 2nd Maniple – Ω
  • 3rd Maniple – Σ

2nd Cohort

  • 1st Maniple – Λ
  • 2nd Maniple – Φ
  • 3rd Maniple – Ζ

3rd Cohort

  • 1st Maniple – Γ
  • 2nd Maniple – Ψ
  • 3rd Maniple – Θ

4th Cohort

  • 1st Maniple – Χ
  • 2nd Maniple – Ξ
  • 3rd Maniple – Π

How will I apply them?

To apply the numbers and unit markings I will be printing and using my own transfers sheets. This will be my first play with making transfers and during the project you will see the progress I make with this. I have already got most of the digital files that I need to make the transfers.

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Cult of Games Member

I will have to agree with you on not wanting to buy into the “New and improved” space marines, the big “P”.

If I were to find myself needing another 40k army I might just go the direction that you’re headed. They look good and shouldn’t be replaced soon with and new and improved model.

I look forward to following your progress with the ‘ADEPTUS MECHANICUS’.

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