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Blood Bowl player still convinced it's the dices fault.

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Longtime Blood Bowl player Robert Dunt is still convinced that the reason he never wins at Blood Bowl is because of the dice.

Dunt, 37 from Suffolk, said recently “I’ve been playing Blood Bowl since 3rd edition in 1994.  I think in all that time I have only ever won four games.  Why would Games Workshop make the dice so discriminatory?  Why do the dice hate me so much?”

Robert, staring angrily at a set of Block Dice, continued “I love the game and have several teams but it’s the Block Dice,  I am sure they are weighted to land on the Skulls.  I have bought sixteen different sets and even made my own but they always seem to fail me.”

“People tell me that dice are just random but I am sure Blood Bowl dice are just evil.  I mean it can’t be that I am just bad at them, can it? Can it?”


from 27/1/17

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