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Raid On St Nazaire (Tabletop Simulator of Avalon Hill board game)

Raid On St Nazaire (Tabletop Simulator of Avalon Hill board game)

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Turn 3

Tutoring 4
Skill 4
Idea 4

1. Searchlight Restoration and Illumination

Again the Germans were unsuccessful in restoring their out of action searchlight and  the 3 remaining lights were no better placed this turn either.

2. Harbour Defense Attacks

Another tough round of harbour defense this turn with 12 more  successful hits as well as the 2 predesignated hits against the Campbeltown! No boats were sunk but several gun crews were lost on the Campbeltown and boats and one more boat is on fire.

3. British Covering Fire

The British returned fire but again with no success.

4. Dockside Defensive Fire

Dockside defense was pretty poor again for the Germans with only 1 boat being hit twice. Considering that there were a potential 36 shots this is a really lucky result!

5. Naval Movement

Motor Torpedo Boat 74 launched a delayed fuse torpedo at the lock gates at space 313. This torpedo does not go off until the end of the game so we won’t know the result for a while yet. 6 more boats made it to their designated landing zones and put their commandos ashore and more significantly the Campbeltown smashed into the Southern Caisson annd the commandos aboard were disembarked.

6. German Activation

Only 1 German unit was activated this turn and far away from the action.

7. Land Movement

All of the commandos moved towards either their targets or the German guns, German movement was still limited.

8. Land Combat

Burns launched an assault on the unit on the German boat at 215 killing them and Roy and Roderick killed both German units in 203 with grenade attacks. The only British casualty was on of the commandos in Hooper’s squad that was hit by a lucky shot from one of the Flak towers.


Things are heating up now as you can see from the map below that more commandos are ashore and the Campbeltown has reached its’ target.

Turn 3 MapTurn 3 Map
Turn 3 Game LogTurn 3 Game Log

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Sorry to ask this so late. How does Tabletop Simulator work? I simply purchase it on/from Steam then download the St Nazaire mod? Is that all? Thanks.


This is great, @jamjarst ! I can totally see all of this happening! My one question now is, do I read all your batreps as they come out, or wait to “binge watch” them like a Netflix series? 🙂 🙂 🙂

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