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Raid On St Nazaire (Tabletop Simulator of Avalon Hill board game)

Raid On St Nazaire (Tabletop Simulator of Avalon Hill board game)

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Turn 2

Tutoring 4
Skill 3
Idea 3
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1. Searchlight Restoration and Illumination

The Germans were unsuccessful in restoring their out of action searchlight and fortunately for the British the 3 remaining lights moved their beams to areas were no boats were present so their will be no heightened chance of hits.

2. Harbour Defense Attacks

A brutal round of harbour defense this turn with 12 successful hits as well as the predesignated hit against the Campbeltown! The Campbeltown was hit twice losing a crew and a gun and catching fire, all this leading to it slowing down. This means that next turn the destroyer will draw 2 predesignate hits due to the fire. It gets worse with 2 boats being hit twice and one of the boats hit in the previous round being hit again. The net result is that 2 boats have been sunk and several crew and commandos lost (see the game log below) and one is also on fire ūüôĀ

Turn 2 Game Log Turn 2 Game Log

3. British Covering Fire

The British returned fire but with no sucess.

4. Dockside Defensive Fire

Dockside defense was less brutal and only 3 more boats were hit with minimal effects.

5. Naval Movement

Naval movement saw Torpedo Moto Launch 270 under the command of Irwin wheel round ad sink Sperrbrecher 137 with a torpedo and earning the first VP! 4 of the other boats managed to drop commandos in their designated landing zones so the action is about to start!

6. German Activation

Only 3 German units were activated this turn.

7. Land Movement

3 of the commando unit moved towards targets and one stayed to fight the gun it had landed on. German movement was limited for now.

8. Land Combat

Hodgson assaulted the gun emplacement with grenades and managed to destroy the German gun whilst Burn used his 2″ mortar on one of the Flak towers but to no avail. The flak guns returned fire but missed presumably due to the surprise.

Turn 2 MapTurn 2 Map


Still a little slow going but at least some commandos have made it ashore and the Campbeltown is nearing it’s target.

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I’ll be following this with interest as I love the story around this operation. The father-in-law offered to lend me his physical copy only last week but I had to turn it down as I currently don’t have the space to keep the game set-up over a prolonged period. I do however have Tabletop Simulator (so far unused)and now I know Raid on St. Nazaire is available I’ll be giving it a bash. I salute you Sir.

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