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Da Space Hulk calling Da Boyz

Da Space Hulk calling Da Boyz

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Update 2.

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Been a bit since I updated this project, but we had numerous play tests on the original layout.

We have amended the spawn table for Genestealers and cultists based on combat experience, having found the former tough and the latter more of an annoyance  you can’t  ignore.

We have added medic stations for healing wounded orcs( a soldering iron and a staple gun) with permanent bays by the hulk entrances and more mobile ones as you go into the complex.

In addition Keith our resident Viking has been terrain building using whatever packaging  he has in kitchen and odd other bits .

The central area of our 7 by 6 table has been left empty , partly because it had to reach  but mainly a convenient place for player sheets, spare figures and terrain.



For Genestealers and Cultists a very simple die role is done for decisions , but if we expand it for Choas and Imperial forces we will be using a card system AI. similar to that used in Gears of War in attempt to give them are more themed basis.

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CoG Member

Nice use of cooky trays! It’s what Space Hulks are made of on the inside.
But you didn’t cut apart the Space Crusade boards! That is not ok.
(Says the man who saws apart OOP Space Marine minis.)
I actually balked at the idea of cutting the boards apart, but then remembered my work with the minis and wonderes why I found cutting the boards so disturbing. And I somehow still do. That seems strange. I seem to attach a lot of nostalgia to those boards.

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