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Da Space Hulk calling Da Boyz

Da Space Hulk calling Da Boyz

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Project Blog by bobcockayne

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About the Project

Listen up Boyz why are all da Hummies having all the Fun, we Orks da bestest Race in Da Galaxy have conquered and beaten up more of dem Tryarnnid bugs than just about anybody, Damn Hummies steal all da thunder. So listen up chew a few squigs and lets show dem hummies how to do it.

This Project is Active

Update 2.

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Idea 2

Been a bit since I updated this project, but we had numerous play tests on the original layout.

We have amended the spawn table for Genestealers and cultists based on combat experience, having found the former tough and the latter more of an annoyance  you can’t  ignore.

We have added medic stations for healing wounded orcs( a soldering iron and a staple gun) with permanent bays by the hulk entrances and more mobile ones as you go into the complex.

In addition Keith our resident Viking has been terrain building using whatever packaging  he has in kitchen and odd other bits .

The central area of our 7 by 6 table has been left empty , partly because it had to reach  but mainly a convenient place for player sheets, spare figures and terrain.



For Genestealers and Cultists a very simple die role is done for decisions , but if we expand it for Choas and Imperial forces we will be using a card system AI. similar to that used in Gears of War in attempt to give them are more themed basis.

Game update

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This project was never meant to be a serous entry for the competition other than to be a fun idea, and it has become just that.

Keith a member of our group had over the years picked up a couple of 2nd hand copies of the original Space Hulk maps plus Space Crusade. Using these we laid out a test layout with 4 entries for our respective Ork groups, limiting to on Boss and 4 boys in each group.

We split the table into zones and then generated random spawn points rolling for locations on the map,  colours Poker chips were used to mark these. At start of each move these would be rolled for 1-3 nothing would appear and 4-6 a blind would be put down.

The blind would move in random direction and was not effected by closed doors etc, moving a standard 6 movement points until one of our units was able to draw a line of sight and then a card would be drawn from a pre-arranged pack, spades would be pure Genestealers and Clubs Cultists, , the care value would be the no up to a max of 5 figs.

The intial play through (still playing) is to nail down rules, and for future games we will decide on goodies in cleared rooms for campaign games.

So far its been so much fun that 2 of the group have been buying Orks to set up own teams ( the 3rd doesnt buy figures). I have brought Battlesystems Gothic Terrain system to expand it  and we think the Doom maps will be tried to give wider corridors as the single corridors have been limiting combat which has been only criticism so far.


Da fightin instructions!

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‘Now this would be da bit de hummies call rules or rule changes but as most of boys know der is no rules,other than bugs..ect insert anythin here, are on da ground in a bloody pulp and you iz standin. These be more as guidlines to make the former more fun , and if dey dont work try sommat else later’


As this is meant to be a multiple player game players choice is avail for best method, be role each move and Igo he goes etc. bag of chits or stick to a variation of Kill team with a igo you go for movement and alt shooting.Though you may want to consider alt movement per figure , player one moves one, two then 3 , likewise for shooting.


Hidden Movement

On the whole plan to use Kill team rules, for both sides but use the concealed markers for the Tyrannids from Space Hulk until one of the Ork units gets line of site.

Line of Sight

Allow as in Space Hulk only one Ork/Tyranid per square but if using Genestealer cultist or Getchins allow them two to square, Also it might be worth allowing up to two ranks to fire as long a an orc can see a target it he will probably shoot and who cares if the bugger in front of him gets hit or goes deaf. double that up for the cultists/Getchins so up to 4 figs can fire.

‘Now den we Orks no how all about disipline its id da blood ain it! Not like da Hummies who need big hats and uniform an stuff, we know agood kick if the boyz get out of line usually works and who can blame em for enthusiasm and wanting to get stuck in da scrap, It helps weed out the runts ,if they charge in if  an dey get  get clobbered then the  Hummies have a good saying for it ‘Evo lut-ion in action!’

‘Though a good growl and a bigger gun usually keeps em in line’

Discipline/Tactisc or lack of it.

As the we are talking about Orks we should mention above, your player are not playing disciplined Space Marines so consider thowing in random event, and possibly a 1st site test for when your ‘Heroes’ 1st see a revealed Tyranid.

It could be simply

1-3 does as player wants

4-6 charges madly at opponent shooting wildly if possible.

This should stop players forming gun lines and adds a little more orciness to the proceeding , commanders may be able to use abilities to modify score which ever way the want.

Table Layout

‘Its a good idea to attack the Hulk from lotz of different places and you can  stop da  natural squabbling by makin sure each clan make its own entry point. Make it a race, we like racin as much as fightin, each clan pickin up da loot……recoverd property as dey go along. 

If you really want some fun, have only da one way out, when day finish so dat da rightful and toughest boyz are da one that getz out. Da others can either show some smarts and find da nother way or kill as many of da bug as before dey go, if dey be really hard dey may take da whole place over.Of course you could you just have da bug hunt and wipe dem all out, trouble is dey breed like orcs!


Basically have a seperate entry point for each group of ork, use different clans for each player and allow extra victory pts for  succeeding with taking objectives, 1st past the post and most Tyrannids killed. One idea I had was they fight to take certain goodies and then have them cut off from their entry point so they have to all escape via one pt, and ideal would be the shuttle from Rogue Trader, Allocated a total no to how may it can carry , and then you have a whole new little skirimish as they battle to be the ones to escape. In fact you may make it important that they have one mekboy to figure out how it works.







Orks Guide to Space ulks!

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Ulks , or a we call them ‘des res’ are what any self respecting  Orc would prefer to live, who cares that they are in de way of udder races, as all of da Galaxy is ours anyway, we only let you keep yours bits as you payed da rent in giving us a good scrap. Damn Hummies all they care about is sparkly tech, its all sparkly tech to us.’

Ere is da guide to da boyz on what ya do if ya find a new one , and how best to to capture it, kick the stuffin out of da bugs and other squaters and clam what is rightly ours!

Er hum! as put my voice back to normal, the idea for this project is why not play a Variant of Space Hulk with our old friends the Orks. Probably not the 1st to think of  it and probably not the last. In fact I’m not sure if the little buggers didn’t appear in one of the early Space Hulk supplements.

If so the probably appeared as the bad guys, my idea is for a multi player game with all or all but one player being one of a Orcish faction and one or a dumb system playing the Tyrannid infestation.

Now in the original you have slimmed down rules and narrow passages which generally allow only one Terminator or Tyrannid on each square grid. This is obviously is part of the game mechanic and its proper use can determine the winner or loser of a game the little dice gods permitting.

Plus at its original release the game was fresh and unique but no it has been improved on by games such as Incursion and probably the Reich Busters.

My plan is use Killteam rules and set it in a Space Hulk, an enlarged Rouge Trader game but with our Heroes the Orks as the main protagonists.

If you have a copy of Space Hulk fine, or the Rogue Trader map board you have a good start. I’m lucky in that I have a copy of the original Doom and the expansion board game and in the past have been able to lay out a fairly fill a 7′ by 6′ table. Another option is to use the boards in AVP the original version was still available for knock down Prices.

Space hulk boards for most editions can be brought including full sets for not silly prices on Ebay which could be an option and far cheaper than trying to buy a copy (unless it suddenly re-appears from GW).

At the worst designing a grid system on graph paper with pencil could be done, though their a lot of dungeon designers that may be suitable on the web.






Sample Doom board.Sample Doom board.
AVP boardAVP board

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