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Space Hulk



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VLOG: Space Hulk Table #11


I know it's been a while since my last update. But I wanted to show you how the table is looking now that it has had a little more work and been placed in the Members Suite with the funky lighting.

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VLOG: Space Hulk Table #10


Hello ladies and gents. Today I show you how I am detailing each of the rooms I have themed, and how I am weathering them to give a quick and easy look for a place that has years of neglect.

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VLOG: Space Hulk Table #9


Time to wash the floors! Or not. Come on in and have a look! We've been delving into some more techniques which should help to build up this terrain and make it look perfect for Space Hulk.

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #8


Hello everybody! It's time to push on the Space Hulk table with adding the first layers of paint on top of all the additions I have spent the last few days figuring out and building into the terrain.

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #7


Time for another update, which has a sweet and sour flavour today as I make some interesting progress and simultaneously mess something up!

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #6


Welcome to part 6 of the Space Hulk Table build. Today we take a look at how the primer has gone down and what I will be doing next to make the terrain more "40k"

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #5


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VLOG: Space Hulk Table #4


Welcome to part 4, and yes, we're still building! But now I am on to the big rooms and also pose some ideas for making the terrain compatible with the Space Hulk rules.

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #3


Hello and welcome to more Space Hulk table build! Come see how far along I have gotten today.

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #2


Welcome to part two of my Space Hulk table Vlog! Let me show you how far I have gotten so far and some thoughts on how I have been constructing the kits. 

VLOG: Space Hulk Table #1


Hello everybody! Welcome to the first part of my new vlog series where I get stuck into making an awesome table layout for Space Hulk!

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Space Hulk Tactics Hobby Challenge: Create A Project For A Chance To WIN


OnTableTop is teaming up with Cyanide Studio, Focus Home Interactive, and Games Workshop, the folks behind the new Space Hulk: Tactics video game, to bring you a new Hobby Project Challenge!

Space Wolves Clash With Genestealer Cultists In Tooth & Claw


Games Workshop has another boxed game for Warhammer 40,000 for you to check out.

Weekender XLBS: I.P Freely; Tabletop Game Swapsies


Community Spotlight: Scyrah Constructs, Snowtroopers & Slimy Space Bugs


Community Spotlight: Space Hulk, Beardlings & Soviet Choppers!


It's a Boot Camp weekend but we still found time to pick out some gems from the community worthy of some Golden Buttons.

Check Out Gameplay From Space Hulk Deathwing Video Game


The new Space Hulk: Deathwing video game is looking good and we've now got a dose of gameplay footage to get stuck into above.

Space Hulk: Deathwing Images Show Off Impressive Environments


The Space Hulk: Deathwing video game is still in development but should be out sometime this year in 2016. In the mean time the development team have shown off some of the environments that you can expect to be fighting the Tyranids in when you don your Tactical Dreadnought Armour...

Fight Your Way Across A Space Hulk Mat From Deep-Cut


Deep-Cut Studios have set you up for a full on space ship boarding action with their newest mat, 'Space Hulk' which gives you the interior of a massive ship to play around in.

New Screenshots Pop Up For Space Hulk Deathwing Video Game


Space Hulk: Deathwing is the new First Person Shooter coming out of Cyanide Studios which puts you in the Terminator Armour of Space Marines and pits you against hordes of Genestealers. Recently we got new screenshots of the game and it looks awesome...

Space Hulk FPS Deathwing Gets New Trailer Full Of Combat


Another trailer has popped up for Space Hulk Deathwing, the new video game which sees you playing as the eponymous Terminators going up against Genestealers in waves upon waves of clawed death. Sounds like a good FPS even if the trailer isn't great!

New Missions For Space Hulk Have Launched!


Games Workshop releases new mission packs for the newly released Space Hulk.

Space Hulk Hits Games Workshop Pre-Order With Extras!


Pick up the new Space Hulk game and some added extras in the next round of pre-orders from the folks at Games Workshop. Did you miss out on it last time around?

Which Space Hulk Video Game Have You Played?


Space Hulk has had almost as many video game iterations as it as tabletop ones and so we're taking a look at some of the games that allow you to play Space Hulk without the board. Which version did you play?

Awesome 3D Terrain For Space Hulk & Making Your Own!


We take a look at some cool 3D set-ups for Space Hulk and give you some helpful suggestions as to where you might want to look when building your own in the face of another release of this premier Genestealer hunting game from Games Workshop.

Space Hulk 101: A History of Alien Huntin’


Space Hulk is, arguably, one of the most popular board games of the past three decades. It has gone through three versions since it first appeared, helped to influence the main game of 40k and has a special place on the shelf for many gamers. With the new version just around the corner, we thought we'd step in the Beasts of War TARDIS and go back in time to see just how this classic has come along.

Space Hulk Resurrects! (But Will It Save?)


So while we all run out and pre-order what is one of the most magnificent products Games workshop has released in the last five years, I know one or two of you in the community, will be wondering about the motivation behind this release.

Space Hulk Is Back! Full Contents & Details Within [Updated]!


Space Hulk is back and will be hitting pre-orders this coming weekend. Terminators Vs Genestealers are duking it out once again in a repackaged version of the 2009 game with some additional content!

Space Hulk Ascension Edition Coming To PC


With Space Hulk still floating around on Steam did we really need another game? See what you think of Space Hulk Ascension from Full Control.

Deathwing Video Game Trailer Slaughters Genestealers!


See what you think of the next big trailer for Space Hulk: Deathwing that promises to revive that first person shooter vibe we had during the 90's! Nasty Genestealers, Big Broodlords and the might of the Dark Angels approaches!

More Space Hulk Deathwing Screenshots Appear!


See what you think of this full host of screenshots from Space Hulk: Deathwing. What do you think about the look of the Terminators?

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