Community Spotlight: Scyrah Constructs, Snowtroopers & Slimy Space Bugs

December 9, 2016 by crew

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It might be the Dropfleet Commander Boot Camp but we're still taking a look at the Hobby & Painting Forum for some more amazing work by the community.

So, let's dive in and find out what's we picked out for this week. There are some utterly wonderful paint jobs to behold!

Hyperion by artemis5150

First up we have this wonderful looking Hyperion by artemis5150 which shows off what you can do with some glow effects on your model. It looks like it's powering up with eldritch energy ready break into a burst of speed.

Hyperion #1 by artemis5150

It's fascinating to look inside this creation as you see all of the ancient energies coursing through its veins and the crystals glowing at the heart of it.

Hyperion #2 by artemis5150

The mechanical nature of this construct is muted by the dark green that forms the base scheme for the Hyperion. This is then complemented by the base which has a lovely vibrant feel to it.

All of this is then added to when you see how the army as a whole has turned out for artemis5150.

Scyrah Army by artemis5150

You can see more of this collection over on the forum thread linked above giving you a closer look at the Warcaster and some more of the troops as part of this set. I think you'll agree that it's a wonderful scheme which really adds to the 'Elf' nature of the Retribution of Scyrah.

Snowtroopers by collins

Following on from a world of Fantasy we look to Star Wars and these Snowtroopers by collins.

Snowtroopers by collins

This is a neat cream look which works better than doing them in stark white I feel. The white of their armour plating then stands out all the more impressively and it also gives them the look of soldiers who have been getting stuck into the fighting on the battlefield.

Importantly, you can also see just how impressive the clear bases are on the models and when on the Star Wars: Imperial Assault boards they will stand out all the more.

Toxicrene by badula

The hulking forms of the Tyranids are a firm favourite for us at Beasts Of War, especially Warren, so we had to pull up this Toxicrene by badula who was new to the site. Welcome and we look forward to seeing more of your work!

Toxicrene #1 by badula

You can work on some fascinating techniques when painting Tyranids and you can see some of them demonstrated here. As well as a bit of interesting work going on with the carapace you can see how slick and poisonous the tendrils look!

Toxicrene #2 by badula

This is repeated across the big pulsating sacs that stick out from the monsters back. You would imagine a good shot at one of those would not only cause the creature a lot of pain but also maybe shower you in some acidic ooze too.

Toxicrene #3 by badula

This is a wonderful looking creation that stands out nicely against the snow and rock that crowd the base. There's even a nice pool of bright blue liquid on the base, hidden beneath the creature, which you can check out for yourself over on the forum thread.

Make sure to head on over and let badula know how welcome they are and to post more stuff!

Once again we hope you enjoyed delving into this world of awesomeness that is our Hobby & Painting Forum and we hope you'll share more of your work for us to take a look at.

We love seeing how you work as well so if you want to share progress pictures remember to start your own forum thread and get your pictures in there showing building models, painting them, and all the stages in-between.

What have you been working on?

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