Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?

October 20, 2018 by dracs

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Come and join us for The Weekender as we're going to be getting stuck into some Orkish nonsense today as we've been able to sit down and play the awesome Speed Freeks from Games Workshop.

Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?

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With that in mind make sure to fill the comments with some of your tips on how you make Nobz go fasta' and what kind of tunes these greenskin racers are going to be listening to!

Updates - SPIEL '18

We are going to be away next weekend at Essen SPIElL '18 with full Live Blogs from the event full of prizes and much more so watch this space to see what's new from the tabletop gaming world.

In the run-up to that make sure to check out Ben's article where he talked about ten games that he is looking forward to learning more about at the event.

Speed Freeks - MORE DAKKA!

Justin has had a chance to play the very cool Speed Freeks from Games Workshop this weekend and you'll be able to watch a Let's Play of that on the website very soon indeed.

Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?

We had a lot of fun with it and would love to hear what you think about it too so get your thoughts into the comments.

The Kill Team Cat was also back with your thoughts on last week's question concerning the new Commanders Expansion and we look over your findings.

Space Hulk Challenge & Community Spotlight

Sticking with the world of Warhammer 40,000 for a bit we're also looking over some of the awesome projects that you have been working on for the Space Hulk Tactics Hobby Challenge.

You can come and see what has been done by some of the community HERE whilst also thinking up just what you'd do to hopefully win yourself a prize...including an awesome diorama from Tomas Mennes!

We also take a look at the Community Spotlight from this week where we get seriously Oldhammer!


We've had some great news to look through this week...

What caught your eye?

 The Future Of Sally 4th's Albedo

We talk with Sally 4th about their anthropomorphic Sc-Fi game, Albedo Combat Patrol which is currently up on Kickstarter, delving into what they have planned in the future for the game.

This is a very unique looking game with some great miniatures, a well planned narrative and some ace terrain too!


It's time to take a little bit of a look at what's new on Kickstarter right now...

  • 7TV Apocalypse - Check out where Crooked Dice are going next with their ace skirmish game
  • Valhalla - Become a Viking Jarl and fight for glory in this new dice allocation card game

Will you be backing any of these projects?

Weekender: Speed Freeks; The Next Big Winner For Games Workshop?

Competitions - Win Speed Freeks!

We are going to be giving away a copy of Speed Freeks this week on the show so all you need to do is comment down below on something you liked about the show or one of our myriad topics.

You can also see the winners from last week's show who got themselves Kill Team Commander Expansions over on our Prize Centre!

IMPORTANT: If you see your name or a friend's name, let them know as there is a 30 Day Window to claim your prizes!

Have a great weekend!

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