Space Hulk Tactics Hobby Challenge: Create A Project For A Chance To WIN

October 6, 2018 by lloyd

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OnTableTop is teaming up with Cyanide Studio, Focus Home Interactive, and Games Workshop, the folks behind the new Space Hulk: Tactics video game, to bring you a new Hobby Project Challenge!

About The Hobby Challenge

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The aim of this challenge is simple: let's celebrate Space Hulk!

Space Hulk has been a firm favourite among gamers, both on the table and on the screen, for a long time. The release of Space Hulk: Tactics, bringing players even closer to Space Hulk's visceral experience, provides us with the perfect chance to show off the impact the game has had for so many of us.

All you have to do to enter is follow these steps for creating a project:

First, go to the Projects section of OnTableTop and select Add a Project.

When creating your Project, scroll down the page and add Space Hulk to the Related Game option.

Finally, go down to Related Contest and select Space Hulk Tactics Hobby Challenge.

And you're in! Time to put on your Terminator armour and delve into some Space Hulk.

What We Are Looking For

Your Project can be focused on anything you want, as long as it is Space Hulk related.

Got a set of Terminators you've been meaning to paint up? Go for it! Working on a story about a group of Terminators fighting off hordes of Genestealers? We want to read it! Got an idea for a diorama? Show us how you're going to make it. Have come up with a Genestealer cosplay for yourself and your dog that you plan to trot out for Halloween? Definitely share your plans.

Entries will all be judged for a number of different categories:

  • Best Idea - For the most imaginative Project, the one that really makes us jealous we didn't think of that first.
  • Most Skillful - For those whose painting, writing or any other hobby skills leave us in wonder.
  • Best Tutorial - We want to learn from this too! Take us through the steps for making your Space Hulk Project.
  • Judges' Favourite - The overall prize for the Project that truly caught our discerning judges' eye.

Each category will have one prize winner, as well as a runner-up, so there are plenty of opportunities to show off your hobby skills.

What You Could Win

There are a whole plethora of prizes to be won.

First, the overall winner of the coveted Judges' Favourite will receive:

  • One copy of Space Hulk: Tactics (for PC, PS4, or Xbox One)
  • A copy of Space Hulk the Tabletop Game
  • A signed art print

The winners of the other three categories are getting plenty of cool stuff too, including:

  • A copy of Space Hulk: Tactics
  • An art print
  • Their choice of a Terminator squad (Wolf Guard, Grey Knight, or Deathwing)

The runners-up for each of the categories will also leave with a copy of Space Hulk: Tactics and an art print.

There will be more announcements about the prizes later on, as well as the appearance of Spot Prizes throughout the contest's run, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information.

Create Your Project Today - Click Here

The contest will end on November the 24th.

About Space Hulk: Tactics

Space Hulk: Tactics is the new video game adaptation of the popular, turn-based strategy board game, first released by Games Workshop in 1989.

Players can take on the role of either the Genestealers, foul Xenos creatures that infest the derelict wrecks known as Space Hulks, or a unit of mighty Space Marine Terminators tasked with carrying out a variety of missions in the face of the alien menace.

The game features two solo narrative campaigns, written by Black Library author James Swallow. One tells the story of the Blood Angels, venturing into the confines of the Space Hulk "The Forsaken Doom" in order to prevent it wiping out the forge world Gorgonum.

Meanwhile, the Genestealers campaign tells you the history of the Space Hulk, letting you command the Genestealers as the swarm across the wreckage of the ship, fighting off endless attempts by the Imperium to clear them out.

Once you have finished with solo-gameplay, head online to take part in the game's multiplayer mode. Faceoff as Genestealers, or Space Marines from one of four different iconic chapters.

The game offers plenty of opportunity for customization, with plenty of options for kitting out your squad and modifying their appearance to make them your own.

Most excitingly, Space Hulk: Tactics brings in a new card system to help in your games. The cards you have depends on the classes in your squad and what they are equipped with. they can give you useful abilities, providing an edge in combat, or can be burned to either summon new Genestealer units or grant the Space Marines more vital action points.

There is also a map builder option, letting you create your own Spcae Hulk scenarios through the environments of Imperial, Eldar, and Ork environments.

The game is due for release on October 9th.

What sort of Project do you have in mind?

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"Space Hulk: Tactics is a turn-based strategy game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, pitting squads of Space Marine Terminators against swarms of alien Genestealers aboard massive amalgamations of abandoned starships called Space Hulks."

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