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Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

Resolution 2019: Mythic Battles Pantheon

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Half way update

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With today being the last day of June I’ve had exactly half the time I allowed myself for this project. By my count I’ve done 53% of the painting, so I’m a little ahead of schedule.


My original plan was to paint the titans first, then the gods, monsters, heroes, then troops – in that order. I stuck to that plan for the first four months or so. As I played games I realised that it would be nice to have a fully painted up core box, so my games could be played with fully painted models.


Another way of looking at the models that are left now is to break them down like this:


  1. The remaining models in the core box (troops and heroes)
  2. The remaining models in the Pandora’s box (troops and heroes)
  3. The Poseidon expansion
  4. The Hera expansion
  5. The Hephaistos expansion
  6. The troops and heroes in the smaller expansion boxes

What I also mustn’t forget is that I will need time at the end to re-base everything on to transparent bases!


My revised plan for the rest of the year is to cross one of the items off the above list every month.



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