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The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

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Konrad Curze - The Night Haunter

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My personal favourite of all the Primarch’s, and having just recently finished reading the book I am glad to present the almost finished man himself.

For the face we opted for:

Rakarth Flesh – (shadeDrakenhof Nightshade – Rakarth Flesh – (shadeDruchii Violet (eyes and mouth) 

The armour we did:

Kantor Blue – (shadeDrakenhof Nightshade – *highlight* Kantor Blue – *highlight* (Altdorf Guard Blue) – *highlight* Hoeth Blue 

Metal Trim:

Gehanna’s gold – (shade) Agrax Earthshade – *highlight* Liberator Gold

The Flesh loin cloth & Exterior Cloak:

Cadian Fleshtone – (shade) Agrax Earthsahde – *highlight* Kislev Flesh – (shade) Carrobourg Crimson & Bloodletter Glaze

Claws & Metal

Leadbelcher – (shade) Agraxearth Shade – (shade) Nuln Oil – *highlight* Storm Host Silver 

Interior Cloak:

Mephiston Red – (shade) Nuln Oil – *highlight* Wild Rider Red

Iconography on Boots

Ushabti Bone – (shade) Nuln Oil – *highlight* Screaming Skull

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