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The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

The Horus Hersey - The Primarchs

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The Warmaster

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Next up (in between work on Magnus) is Horus himself.

I have so far under coated him with Chaos Black and did some of the trim in Balthasar Gold.

However, I think I should maybe gone in with a lighter gold, as it looks quite dark now.

I had planned to wash it with Agrax Earthshade then go back in with Balthasar Gold, but I am not sure what gold to then highlight it with.

I was wondering anyone got any trips on where to go with it?


Almost finished Horus himself (Just a bit of tiding up to do here and there) and now working on his base.


UPDATE – I went with Balthasar Gold, Agrax earthshade wash, Retributor armour.

**Further Update** Horus now 95% complete.

Finished the base, still a few little minor touches to finish on Horus himself. Debating about painting in his eyes (I hate doing that at the best of times) But i feel like my unsteady hand will end up ruining the face!

Colour scheme so far:


Cadian Flesh – (shade) Reikland Flesh – “highlight” Cadian Flesh -*highlight* Kislev Flesh 


Abaddon Black – *highlight* Dark Reaper

Metal Trim

Balthasar gold – (shade) Reikland Flesh – Balthasar Gold *highlight* – Runelord Brass *highlight*

Wolf Pelt

Abaddon Black – ^Dry Brush^ Eshin Grey – ^Dry Brush^ Rakarth Flesh.

Leather Straps

Mournfang Brown – (shade) Agrax Earthshade / Reikland flesh – Gold Trim Retributor Armour


Abaddon Black – Baltashar Gold – (shade) Agrax Earthshade – *highlight* Retributor armour – (shade) Reikland flesh


For this I actually had some old tubes of acyrlic painting from when i used to work on canvas, and I used a flesh and a brown to try and get a rich almost terracotta colour, I shaded it all over with Reikland Flesh. Then dry brushed with terminatus stone, and praxeii white.

The underneath of it I shaded over again with Agrax earthshade to try and so the difference between the marble that was intact and the burnt and broken pieces.

There are lots of debris in amongst it, and I picked these out with leadbelcher, agrax earthshade and highlighted with iron breaker.

You can also see a couple of shoulder pads here and there, and I did these as the Emperors Children, The Death Guard and the Iron hands.

Overall I am delighted with how this has turned out, as I was really nervous about tackling this one.


The Warmaster

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