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For the love of trolls

For the love of trolls

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Westfalie Female Fighter 01

Tutoring 2
Skill 4
Idea 1
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Westfalie Female Fighter 01
Westfalie Female Fighter 01
Westfalie Female Fighter 01
Westfalie Female Fighter 01

I cannot stress enough, how amazing the Westfalia minies have been designed and scuplted. Pure joy to paint from start to finish. So much character. So many details. <3

Paints are, as always, mostly Scale75, unless otherwise noted:

  • Eyes: SS Camo Dark Brown, Birch, SS Camo Italien Green + SS Camo Dark Brown
  • Skin: Undead Flesh, Pink Flesh, Light Skin, Sandalwood, Pale Skin, Orcish Dermis
  • Pants: Birch, Gelbraun Brown, Brown Grey, White Sands
  • Inside Cloak Fur: SS Dunkelgelb 44, Dubai Brown, Brown Grey
  • Ringmail Metal: Thrash Metal, Dark Tone (AP), Speed Metal
  • Leather: Arabic Shadow, Pale Skin, Brown Leather, Inktense Chestnut, Inktense Black
  • Plate Armor: Decayed Metal, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Victorian Brass
  • Fox Fur: Rotbraun Primer Red, Strong Tone (AP), Pale Skin, SS Dunkelgelb 44, Light Tone, Birch
  • Sword: Black Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metail
  • Feathers: Dubai Brown, SS DUnkelgelb 44, Thar Brown, Dark Tone (AP), SS Camo Grey
  • Wood: SS Camo Dark Grey, Dark Tone, Dunkelgrau Gray + Birch, Dark Earth Pigment (AK Interactive)

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A very Nice model

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