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Finished the JSA

Tutoring 3
Skill 5
Idea 4
  1. Finally finished the JSA. Cant say I will be sorry and long to paint them again. I have now decided I hate painting white and black.

The main issue is painting over mistakes or stray brush marks on white. At some points there was no way to avoid this with my shaky hand and I had to fill in the blue on the Daiyokai Dengekitai then just build up the white again.

Difficulty is patience and not just loading white over a patch as this wouldn’t be very flat. Patience is required to build it back up in 10 layers or so, something I am now very short of. Also 10 layers was for blue it was much worse with red.

Also cleaning your brush with brush soap was required in-between colours or it either turned grey or pink.

The thing that gets me more is that if I was to be good at this I need to do it more. This means there is more pain in my future. Not exactly a happy ending for me.

Thankfully Kaizoku Spec-ops was not as hard to paint as I imagined.

Kaizoku Spec-opsKaizoku Spec-ops
Daiyokai DengekitaiDaiyokai Dengekitai
All doneAll done

So that’s the JSA completed. Quite happy with the result though I will not be rushing to paint more. Though in saying that The look of them is amazing, really captures the feel of the army.

Sadly I don’t think this will be 300 points so it will need expanded to be used properly.

I will do more single random figures I think though I do have Red Veil Beyond box to do and Yuan Yuan and just bought something else.

More to come!

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Great job! I don’t play JSA, but from what I understand, set of remotes and JSA Reinforcement pack from Defiance would give you plenty of options to field 300 pts army.

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