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The Millennium Falcon

The Millennium Falcon

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Radar Dish and gun

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Next up, it’s time to work on the radar dish and gun that I saved from the original toy. The radar dish is the square one from The Last Jedi, so I decide to change this to the more traditional round dish using a Lego part I had left over from another project. I don’t have a problem with the Last Jedi film like some people seem to have, it’s just that I don’t want to fix my ship into that very short time period when the dish was square.

The parts I started with.The parts I started with.

I use a cut down superglue top to make the central cone in the dish, and card to fill in the holes in the Lego part. I’ll be reusing the original base as that slots nicely into the hull, so why reinvent the wheel? I use a Dremel to cut away the square dish, leaving the base intact and shaped so the round Lego piece fits well.

After priming black, they are painted and ready to add to the top hull. The gun just needs a bit of drybrushing with grey on the top, the dish gets painted the same way the hull was, with some rust added as old tv dishes always seem to get a bit of rust on them.

View from the frontView from the front
View from the back View from the back

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