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Infinity Red Veil Box

Infinity Red Veil Box

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Priming and Base Colour

Tutoring 6
Skill 8
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More activity this evening getting the miniatures primed. There’s nothing too exciting in this post other than documenting the process, tools and base colours.

I own an airbrush which comes in handy for this step. I use Vallejo Surface Primer applied to all the miniatures through the airbrush.

A base colour of Vallejo Air Middlestone was then applied to the Haggislam miniatures. I figured this was a good mid-tone as I’ll be using mainly browns on these models.

The Haggislam Al Fasid was given a healthy coat of Vallejo Air Camouflage Green.

Priming and Base Colour

The Assasin was primed and then coated in Vallejo Air Panzer DK Grey. This model has a lot of black so it made sense to start with a dark grey.

I use Kimera Kolors Orange for the armor of the Yu Jing models. These paints are amazing, they have high pigment concentration so are very bright and perfect to dilute down and apply through an airbrush. They are also perfect when it comes to brush work and applying glazes. I thin the paint down with a few drops of  Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver and water.

The orange looks weird at the moment but it should be a good starting point. airbrush control’s obviously difficult with this size of model so its a bit messy.

Final step is to clean the airbrush.

I run Vallejo Air Brush cleaner through the brush after every stage. This obviously avoids unwanted colour contamination, and also makes the final clean down at the end of the session very easy.

That’s it for the airbrush and this post. All future work will be done with the brush, I’ll update the project after the next stage.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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