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Flames of War Armies & Table Build

Flames of War Armies & Table Build

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Background on the Project

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After watching Field Marshal Warzan role out the nacht wolfen (& his flying saucers) and the OTT crew build of the Normandy Tables, I got inspired to do something of my own.
I have never played tabletop war gaming before but always wanted to. Being a scale model builder, I got really excited when I watch the OTT videos on Flames of War.

When it comes to building scale models, its go big or go home for me. As an example, below is my 1/144 Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun at 111cm in length.

1/144 The Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun1/144 The Schwerer Gustav Railway Gun

I love building dioramas with tanks (German Tanks specifically – hint on which army I will be playing). So building a Flames of War Table and armies is sort of the best of both worlds for me.

The table will be 6ft by 4ft. I will be using mats and making my own scatter terrain as well as using some building I found online (all to be improved and painted of course).

With this coronavirus pandemic, I hope all of you are safe and healthy. I am in Kuwait with a complete curfew in place. So things will be a little slow on the project in the beginning. I think can get started as I will have a few things arriving over the next few weeks – all for the project.

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Sounds like you’ve picked a terrific build for your first project, I can’t wait to see how it develops. The Gustav looks amazing.
If you need help with anything as it’s your first game, reach out and I’ll do what I can to help, or find someone who can if I’m not up to snuff. 🙂

Cult of Games Member

The Gustav looks fantastic – could be a great centre piece for a battle in FoW, even if the scale is a little out!

I really enjoy my FoW, it’s an easy system to get in to and enjoyable to play, so a good choice for your first game. There are a few good projects here covering different aspects of the game but I’ve also played for a number of years, so feel free to throw any questions my way. I can’t guarantee a good answer though!

Cult of Games Member

That is excellent

Is the Fujimi model?

Cult of Games Member

Good grief, @Abbaz ! Tell me you’re not putting that Schwerer Gustav on the table! Is that the “sister gun” to the 800mm “Dora” gun?

Just for fun, I calculated what the dimensions of a P.1000 would look like in FoW 15mm and with a little Photoshop, put a “virtual model” into a photograph of normal 15mm German armor.

Good luck on the project! Stay safe!

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