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Flames of War Armies & Table Build

Flames of War Armies & Table Build

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Project Planning

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To start off, I am currently waiting for my Flames of War boxes to arrive – expected within the next 2 weeks. I will be building the following:

  • German LW “Panzer Kampfgruppe” Army
  • American LW “Combat Command” Army
  • British LW “Armoured Battlegroup” Army
  • Additional Units: Tiger Heavy Tank Platoon
  • Additional Units: Sherman Armoured Troop
  • Additional Units: Hummel 15cm SP Artillery Battery
  • Additional Units: M12 155mm Artillery Battery
  • Additional Units (Not Official): German Secret Weapon

Also known as “a lot of plastic”.

In the mean time, I am listing the game components I need to make (some I have started):

  • Greenery – Trees, Bushes, Bocage, Hedgerows
  • Road Components – I want to make the roads modular in a way that different layouts can be created from the same components.
  • River/Stream – I have a nice product from Woodland Scenics that mimics water.
  • Scatter Terrain – Bridges, Fences, Telegraph Poles
  • Buildings – Currently I have ordered two of the city ruins bundle from Battle Kiwi – expected in a week. I will be adding more features to them like wall details & floors. I am going to get a bunch of town/farm houses for rural terrain.

So far this is on my to do list. Its a bit of a long road, but I consider myself a fast worker as long as the builds are systematic for mass production.

I will share as much as possible my methods of building diorama stuff for anyone.

As a sneak peak, below is a little progress on the ” German Secret Weapon”. I am still working on the scenario and how to incorporate it into the game without breaking the game XD.

German Secret Weapon - Work in ProgressGerman Secret Weapon - Work in Progress

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