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Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

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Weathered up and ready to pump moisture

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Subsurface Moisture Pump 794 ready for operationSubsurface Moisture Pump 794 ready for operation

Here’s the completed model with weathering and some basing. Decals always add a nice finishing touch and help set the scale.

Basic process was to go in with some weathering powders and get some rusty, dusty effects back in. I also sponged on some brown paints in places to scuff it up to counter act the previous blue spray.

Also used some metallic paint with the sponge to get that metal feel into the exposed edges. Used a few of the AK Interactive enamel washes for various additions of colour and grime here and there. Quite like using those.

Motor or rotor or turbineMotor or rotor or turbine
Connection points Connection points
Always add a decalAlways add a decal

So that’s the first piece done, kitbashed and based on some old plastic packaging.

I’m happy with the end result, and with the red rust basing it’ll fit into my overall theme  of a post apocalyptic red planet. All that’s left to do is get her up and running and start condensing some moisture to sell for credits.

Ok, on to the next piece… that Ariel Washing Pods box looks good for something.

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