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Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

Kitbashing and recycling packaging for sci-fi terrain

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Weathering with salt

Tutoring 23
Skill 22
Idea 22
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Maybe over did itMaybe over did it

Having watched a lot of people on YouTube using the salt weathering technique, I wanted to have a go too. So a spray of water over the top of the model and then sea salt sprinkled over. The salt sticks to the wet and that’s about it. I then sprayed it with my top colour, another rattle can enamel paint.

It went on pretty well, and after letting it dry off and brushing away the salt with an old toothbrush I think I lost too much of the rust layer to being covered with blue. So either not enough salt or too much blue paint sprayed on.

I think next time I’ll do a lighter spray so as not to cover up the overall rustiness completely. Overall though, I like the technique and it works for what I’m after in terms of look.

And, I can pull back the rusty look with weathering in the last steps.

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