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Ork Aeronautica

Ork Aeronautica

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Painting Details

Tutoring 7
Skill 7
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Starting to paint the fiddley bits.  The rockets under the wings where painted  green,  or Vallejo German Uniform.  The metal bits got a coat of Citadel Ironbreaker.  The metal bits include the engine nozzles, gun barrels, and exhaust vents.

Decals from the kit where applied.  As per the source material, white skull and crossbones decals where applied to the vertical tail fin.  Various decals from the kit where applied like the flame pattern and the checkered  strips.  Some of the decals where cut to fit.

I should have applied a coat of gloss varnish before applying the decals, but I was in a bit of a rush.

A bit of water down Vallejo decal fix was applied to the surface prior to applying the decal.  After the decal was applied, the decals were coated with water down decal softener to make sure the decal conformed to the surface.

The decal were allowed to dry over night before proceeding to the next step.  A Waterdown black wash was applied to the models.  The black wash was to help show the panel lines. Then the models were set aside to dry again.

Now was the time for finishing details and touchup of paint.

The windows received an extra layer of highlight by applying Citadel Warpstone Glow.  The yellow panels where given a touch up.  Some of the gray and white bits where touched up.

The final bit was to paint the little tooth like plates found round the aircraft nose.   This was the bit of Citadel Pallid Wych Flesh, which is a off white.

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