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Tuscany Hill Village Terrain Build

Tuscany Hill Village Terrain Build

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Another mdf building, just to see

Tutoring 11
Skill 12
Idea 12

As already stated, this project is charting the past few months of effort on getting this to work, so I’m currently playing catch up with the experience so far.

Not overly content with the church, I thought I would design another building and get this cut up in mdf. I designed a large town house with balconies to represent a more ‘well to do’ building.

Here’s the pile of pieces for the main building and the floors that they constructed

The balconies were also made from the 3mm mdf but were fiddly. It took some time to glue these together

Bloody fiddly little bitsBloody fiddly little bits

When finished, I got the below building (excuse the poor angle of the photo shot – at least it is in focus!)

Lloyd shotLloyd shot

And my conclusion?

I don’t really like it. I think the limitation of having to use 3mm mdf just makes it a bit too blocky and it isn’t doing it for me. I could look for a service that provides thinner mdf but I’m not sure my design skills are really up to scratch in this medium. The other challenge is that so far, I’ve been lucky in that my designs have been thought through and worked. Where they haven’t, such as the church roof, I’ve been able to bodge it, but if I do get a design wrong, it’s going to get costly very quickly.

So, I will keep mdf as a fall back option but I need another approach to getting the buildings I want. I’m therefore thinking 3d printing is perhaps the way to go. I don’t have a 3d printer and I’m not likely to get one either so I will be reduced to using online services to print the building out.

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Cult of Games Member

Don’t go down the path of 3D printing! That way only madness lays ahead! Stay true to MDF and plastic! 😉

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