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Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

Grendel's Warband for Conquest Last Argument of Kings #PathOfConquest

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Ugr, nice box, plan for painting and casting lines oh my

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So my Ugr arrived before my Stalkers, thank you OTT.

First up the box is lovely, like really nice. I’m looking at it and thinking ‘so bit of foam and that’s my carry case sorted.

Lovely lovely box.Lovely lovely box.

The sprues are okay, a little bit of space on there but if there wasn’t the nice box would be smaller.

One issue with the sprue is the joining points between component and part are big. My suspicion was confirmed when i clipped them off. the connection obscures some detail.

Ugr, nice box, plan for painting and casting lines oh my

With the joining point and some serious mould lines I’d suggest these are not beginners kits. If you are used to Forgeworld kits you will be fine. Also when sticking them together i’d suggest elastic bands for the torsos so there are no gaps.

They are bloody lovely though. lets be clear, i am not sad these are in my life.

Ugr, nice box, plan for painting and casting lines oh my

Right on with the plan.

Ugr are meant to be child like. The stereotypical trope is ‘hulk smash or just dim. I feel that after looking at the faces this is the wrong way to go at them. They have quite noble faces, there is a serenity to them.

So my Ugr are gentle children, they are filled with wonder and don’t really want to hurt people. Now the shin guards have a strong ‘cyclops mask’ vibe going on. So to tell the story they wear masks in battle, they become ‘the cyclops’ so its not them doing any harm. This ties into the shamanic theme running through the Nord and ties them to the masks on the blooded. Masks will be a thing in this army I feel. So one on the face and two on the belts.

If anyone has any spare clone heads by the way hit me up 😉

The other thing i have to decide on is skin tone and colour. I don’t want Warmahorde blue for them. As blue is a colour i’m using for cloth a deep blue will just disappear.  Again looking at the lore they are descended from demi gods so with the masks in gold and the contrast colour being red i think an icy turquoise almost white in colour will give a kind of snowy alabaster feel to them.

I think this will give a more beautiful monster than the official scheme. However this may involve an oil paint wash….bum.

All in all i love these mini’s and in the flesh they have much more personality than the official pics show.

Mask on the left, your left or my left?Mask on the left, your left or my left?

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