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Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

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Planning for Milestone 3

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As I wrote in my previous post, I’m back on track and this time, the goal is Milestone 3. (yes, I know, I’m a milestone late, but the lockdown wasn’t compatible with hobby time for me).
To get it right for Milestone 3, I decided to catch up with the 1200 points, as scheduled at the beginning of this Path of Conquest, which means a 400 pts increase.

And it will be possible with a major regiment : steel legion !
I ‘m about to get those miniatures with the starting offer on the Para Bellum website (with the starter set and another box of Marksmen for the Spires). It’s a very interesting value for price set.

In order to put the Steel Legion into my army, I must have an Imperial officer.
I got a 3D model which was perfect for this role, from Titan Forge (and remember, “3D printing is the sh*t”).

More a fighter than a commanding officer, but it suits the mood of the army and I just like the miniature.More a fighter than a commanding officer, but it suits the mood of the army and I just like the miniature.

And instead of creating a totally new Men at Arms regiment, I decided to add a few miniatures to one of the already existing regiments (and the miniatures will be in the starter set).

This is what the army list looks like : army list on the Army Builder

Since it’s becoming a real army, I decided to add a few tactical thoughts.
– I have 3 light regiments, 3 medium, and one heavy : I don’t want to arrive too late on the battle field but I still need to be able to seize the objectives (light regiments can’t do that).
– The crossbowmen are perfect to deplete the enemy regiments as they arrive. Their V of 2 and the armor piercing rule makes them much more reliable than the militia bowmen, and much more effective against armoured opponents.
– The Militia will go as fast as it can to block the enemy before he reaches the objective, and expand the reinforcement zone as far as I can. It’s not the perfect regiment for this, but it’s the best I can do until I hire the mounted squires into the army (I have a plan for this).
– The two regiments of Men at Arms are here to seize the objectives in the long run, and block enemy regiments to let the Household Knights and the Steel Legion charge (flank them if possible) and wipe them out.
– The mounted Lord will go with the Household Knights, to add some impact
– The other Lord will be in one of the regiments of Men at Arms
– The Imperial officer will lead the other regiment of Men at Arms

Next entry in this project blog will probably either be a painting tutorial for the Steel Legion (if I get them soon enough since they are on the way) or a first look at “The enemy” (the spires from the starter set which I started painting yesterday).

I also have some scenery in mind to get a proper battlefield, and play my first conquest battle (against myself because of the lockdown and the fact that there are very few Conquest players in France), but that’s another story…

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