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Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

Path of Conquest 2020 : The 100 Kingdoms - The host of the Iron Wolf

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Tutoring 3
Skill 2
Idea 4

It’s time to change my plans.

I decided to modify Milestone 3. I’ve been reading the latest version of the rules (v1.0.3) to update what I knew about character rules. I first saw those changes on the Army Builder, and that’s what drove me to dig into it.

Here are a few problems I noticed :

1. Since the characters have their own stands, I will need special stands I don’t have right now

2. Having retinues is a very useful strategy, and helps to enhance visually the army, but I don’t have them right now

3. Visually speaking, I’m not satisfied with some of my miniature choices, and thus had to make a few changes

Now is time to bring solutions to those problems

1 and 2 : Stands for characters

I have 3D modelling skills, thus I decided to create my own character stands, since what I found of the internet was not satisfying. Nothing fancy, just plain stands, compatible with the official stands. Since characters can have retinues, I will need stands for 1, 2, 3 or 4 standard miniatures. I then designed them : you can find the links below.

What the stands look likeWhat the stands look like

3 : Choices

I reconsidered my army and a few things were now visible.
My “Lord” looks a bit… strange… in this army. He looks more like a seasoned veteran than a real Lord in fact (and I’m not satisfied with the print parameter I used, especially on the shield : I did better since then). In the same way, the choice I made previously for an Imperial Officer does not really satisfy me.

You're a Seasoned Veteran, now !You're a Seasoned Veteran, now !

The men of the Iron Wolf live in a harsh environment, and Imperial miniatures should look more sophisticated. In the same manner, any leader for an Imperial regiment should be more “imperial”.
That’s why I ordered a few miniatures and changed my army list.
I removed the various Heirlooms and Weapon Arts I had given to my characters and instead chose a few upgrades for my regiments and some retinues for the Lord.

  • First, I chose the Drillmaster for the Steel Legion. The miniature is just awesome and I wanted to paint it.
  • Then I picked the official imperial officer, who looks more imperial than my first choice. The miniature I printed will end up as a leader for the a Men at Arms or the Steel Legion regiment, or as a retinue.
  • I finally chose the seasoned veteran, because… his gritty look is awesome and I definitely want to paint this miniature !

For the miniatures I already had, I’ll use my former lord as a seasoned veteran, since it is already painted and he looks just like it. I’ll just add the new veteran to one of my other regiment (when I’ll have enough points), he’ll probably go with the Steel Legion.

It meant I had to pick another Lord. Actually, I had already found him, and it’s what drove me to review the choices I had made. It’s another miniature from Titan Forge, and the wolf themed ornaments made me think “why the hell didn’t I pick this mini ?”.

That guy looks awesome...That guy looks awesome...

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Cult of Games Member

Good choice as your lord. It’s a very characterful mini with a severe look to him that I think matches your fluff. Plus the wolf motif and movement of the cloak invokes the sense of a cold wind blowing which also fits.

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