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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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Swish you said? I say not swish enough!!!

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I'll flap mine proudly in the breeze, thank youI'll flap mine proudly in the breeze, thank you

I heard the term “swish” relating to my work thus far and got all chuffed thinking that my effort was not in vain so more effort was going to be put into making this project fancy. As posted before, I had a much different shape than the standard square in mind, since I saw what Little Big Men Studio put out with crenellated banners that caught my attention. This digital work helps as I’m preparing boxes and making ready to relocate to where I can set up a proper hobby desk once more.

In building the banner to what I saw in my head I thought finding a border was most useful. I managed to hunt down a Victorian era styled border that would serve me. There was quite a bit of rebuilding for what would be the leeward edge as it began as a full rectangle. After I got that all done I copied the main layer of the circular name and placed it. The colors will need to be reworked as I could only salvage the initial black image from the many layers. This isn’t a loss as I’ve cleaned up everything and I can begin to edit again. I’m a little miffed that I’ll need to relocate a diamond mesh texture that looked good at 28mm scale but the Internet is vast and I have time before any printing.

There’s more work to be done as far as fabric texturing and any warping due to curvature in the banner is concerned but this is a good place to put out progress beyond figures.

Not painting at the moment, I’ve managed to do a quick build of levy archers and plan what I’ll have for my standard Saga warlord. I’ve thought to use the same parts on him to keep consistency between fantasy and regular play. Since I can only track down a Saracen banner bearer from Gripping Beast on horseback I think I’ll just kitbash one on foot. Oh joy, more customization!

Now in colorNow in color

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