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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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This man has money

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Look! Even his peasants have shoes!!!Look! Even his peasants have shoes!!!

I decided that it might not be in the best interest of presenting a fine and noble man such as Hasn without presentable peasants. It is the lowliest of men that are the example of exactly how wealthy and mighty a ruler may be.

I painted the dishdasha with what I think is VMC Khaki Shade. I can’t say for certain as I’ve had it for so long and used it so many times that I’ve rubbed the label blank from handling. and the washed with GW Reikland Fleshshade and highlighted before the mandatory inclusion of the blue people seem to think is the bees knees. I’m fond of it myself since it keeps as a compliment to a general yellowed tone to my army. What else can you expect from the desert… maybe some red, a touch of pinks, the occasional green? No, this is not that kind of desert. Maybe another army will get that but for now you get yellowed brown, nearly baby turd brown. No color joy for you with the desert!

Anywhat, the simple freehand to break visual space was something to give these guys some flair to their generally drab attire. Its nothing fancy as these guys lack money for better threads but the lord of the land can’t have underdressed murder hobos in the lowest ranks of his

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