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Raiding the Dusty Wastes

Raiding the Dusty Wastes

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Dramatic Robe? Check! Horn? Check! Big Banner? Uhh.. Check!

Tutoring 8
Skill 8
Idea 8

Slight disclaimer: There were noises made by some semi-Internet-famous entities that this project wasn’t updated enough. Well, just like good bowel movements, this will get some more regularity

Collected command elementCollected command element

My little dudes are now the epitome of making battle beautiful, atleast outside of the fabulous fashion sense and antics of things related to Slaanesh. I’m quite pleased with the results of all my figures, to include the noble steeds, as these take the cake for the regular game. I’m also happy with the difference made by the lighting in my room.

Right now the pinnacle of the regular game must be attended to.

The initial cohesive pattern for the command unit was a thought that ended up becoming a critical element. All the warriors on foot and horseback stand as unique entities for clothing from cash. The levy are dirt poor and by virtue of conscription have cheap clothes but, as we have seen, this leader of men cannot have his roused rabble running about in rags so they got uniforms. In the end the command would stand on its own too but must first be built. Having looked at the max base size for warlords in Saga I thought that the 60mm footprint was good to put multiple figures on.

I modified the heads a little with greenstuff as the shemaugh have been unwrapped and show the faces. This really was a case where I wasn’t happy with the one armored head option that came on the sprues and found a way to hide the chain coif while tying in the helmet/turban that was done with others.

Unlike Lloyd’s experience sometime back with pinning hands I managed to not blow out the fingers in the hand held forward. The only issue I had was that the rear hand still had the remnants of the spear I clipped from the spearmen arm I had plenty of. There was no way to clean that off so I drilled through it and just fed the piano wire between the hands. Pretty damn good I say to just eyeball the angles for and get as close as I did.

The trumpeter was again more wire work that needed to be done. The plastic sculpt is beautiful, the drawback is that the horn is flimsy and broke at the hand. Again, just a bit of alignment was required to make this a non-issue. A little bit of glue liberally hit with accelerant that was sanded down to shape would see the detail problem resolved.

The final build portion for my army’s leader was now at hand. More scratchbuild modeling with greenstuff was the way to go. In order to make the figure significant I added a robe that billowed from riding in order to break up the monotony of the plastic sprue bodies. Its nice to have uniform parts that I can build as I need pieces but this was going to be my centerstage piece for regular Saga. To have that detail meant I could show off some paint skills later that would signify he didn’t buckle swashes but had cash to sling on silks and scimitars as I was inspired by the metal Mutatawwi’a leader from Gripping Beast. I got this all done before I found out about the Saladin figure that would have lead me down the path of putting the horse in a 12th century flapper dress.

Prior to all the primerPrior to all the primer

The whole thing is a multi-element base so I’ll finish it all and then base appropriately to tie all the figures together. What I need to do now is finalize my banner and have it printed. I see good things in the future.

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