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Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

Spring Clean Challenge: If I build it - will they come

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Planning continued

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The following pictures show the development of my thinking on what the space should be and the benefit, or otherwise, of permanent features, such as rivers, sea, lakes etc.  As I want to be able to use the table for a variety of games and periods and scales, having less specific geographical features is probably a necessity.

That said, I will still plan to have the hills quite gently is slope so that they are not difficult terrain but rather simply the natural lie of the land.  This was smaller scales, say 10mm can still be used without them becoming a mountain range.

The final picture, amusingly tabled Final (Ho Ho) is probably where I will end up.  I have decided that the sea / beach front isn’t really necessary, or indeed useful, and maximizing the flatter area will be more useful for the range of games I want to play on this table.

Also, it occurred to me that this would still permit an “add-on” table (perhaps only half the size) which could feature water, mountains, fortresses, whatever, without taking anything from the core concept of a Skirmish Board.

So, something close to the final picture is the direction I’ll go in.

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