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Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

Resolution 2021: Clearing the pile of shame, again

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Emberlynn is another mini from Bella Nacht ( This time the model is closer to 150mm in scale.


I wanted to try an unusual skin tone and as I was watching last week’s unofficial hobby hangout where colour wheels were being discussed, I decided to go for a classic triadic colour scheme.


The skin was base coated mephiston red, washed carroburg crimson in the recesses and where I wanted to show more shading, and then layered with evil sunz scarlet followed by a 50:50 mix of evil sunz scarlet and wild rider red.


The hair was base coated with iyanden darksun, washed casandora yellow, then highlighted flash gitz yellow.


The blue flames were base coated caledor sky, washed drakenhof nightshade, then highlighted with calgar blue followed by fenrisian grey.


In the pictures you can see some printing gradients (particularly her wrists) but to the naked eye they’re not that obvious. There is also a printing artefact across her stomach and left hip.


Also looking at the photos I now notice I accidentally got some blue paint on her hair.


Regardless I’m very happy with the final outcome.

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