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Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

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"Dropship Inbound"

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Mistakes, as they say, were made....Mistakes, as they say, were made....

Ok, so after 20-odd years of playing Battletech-inspired videogames (Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries yo), and reading an awful lot of the fiction, after seeing the quality of the A Game of Armoured Combat starter set I rather jumped in hard on the Clan Invasion Kickstarter – first at the Bloodname reward level before deciding “frag it” and jumping up to Star Colonel during the pledge manager. Now I opted for single wave shipping so I knew I’d have to wait until this year to get anything, so picked up the Clan Invasion box and the 4 Wave 1 Lance & Star packs as they hit retail (courtesy of Shiny Games – at the time one of the few UK retailers carrying a decent range of Battletech and honestly still one of my preferred websites to use), a got all tactical with my reward picks:
* I opted for only Inner Sphere Lance packs from the rewards included with my pledge, as each of those would come with a Wave 1 Salvage pack.
*Added the Clan Ad-Hoc and Heavy Stars as I REALLY wanted the Kodiac, Warhammer iiC and Hunchback iiC.
*Went for a Comstar Command Level II for the King Crab, Black Knight & Highlander.
*Legendary Mechwarriors? Why yes, I would like to represent 4 of the most iconic characters from the lore in their custom Battlemechs..
*Why yes, I did order a full Lance of Urbies. AC-20’s for the win!
And on top of this there’s Grassland, Desert & Battle of Tukayid map packs (would of loved to have been able to grab the battlemats but just outside my budget), data sheets and other goodies (loved the Shilone Aerospace Fighter freebie they threw in as a surprise), plus the lore and rules material that were provided as digital rewards.



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that’s a lotta mechs. I wish you luck with painting.

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