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Defenders of the Tavern - Kings of War Dwarfs

Defenders of the Tavern - Kings of War Dwarfs

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Minis! - Part 1

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So with all this basing going on, I was getting away from the really important part of this project: the army itself!

As I said at the beginning, this started out as a way to repurpose my Battle for Skull Pass WFB minis and to get back into KOW, but it became very apparent, very quickly that I was about 50% shy of the models I would actually need for this project!

*Please note at this stage, I never intended to meet the preferred model count per base, for the game. My group is fine with things like this, as long as rule of cool wins the day, and I intended to make the units cool enough to circumvent any model count issues.* 🙂

I didn’t want every Dwarf to have the same aesthetic, so I looked at lots of different manufacturers. My friend printed me some One Page Rules units that would become Sharpshooters. He also printed some heavily armoured guys with hammers, which ended up being cut off at the wrist, given spears and reattached to be facing forwards. These were to be my Bulwarker regiment with Phalanx, my friends!

I saw and loved the rams and boars that Atlantis Miniatures produced and spent days trawling through Scibors page for very realistic, traditional Dwarfs. I ended up with my Steel Behemoth proxy from there, the Armoured Bear with Canon, and a couple of Drunks who were holding barrels on their shoulders. Atlantis supplied me with my barmaids, Pinky and Bluey, and a couple of cheeky characters who were legging it with barrels under their arms!
All this, coupled with another set of 3D printed Earth Elementals, a Dwarf Lord on Boar, (OPR again), and a few Mantic Artillery pieces and we were cooking!

The next step was to get paint on them all!


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