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Defenders of the Tavern - Kings of War Dwarfs

Defenders of the Tavern - Kings of War Dwarfs

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Bases, bases, everywhere - Part 2

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Skill 9
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With my layout somewhat finalised, and the bases now primed, I needed to start with the painting of the flagstones. I’d moved away from wooden floors because I didn’t want things too samey, so I realised I needed to add a few different stone colourations into the mix to keep the floor interesting.

I randomly chose a few greys and stone colours, all Citadel, and started to select areas to differentiate. Once the base coats were down, I used the same crunched up plastic bag stippling technique to make the floors a little more textured. I washed them lightly with Athonian Camoshade Citadel shade and stippled them again. I then pinwashed the lines and cracks with Citadel Nuln oil and Agrax Earthshade respectively. A quick dry brush around the edges and at the meeting points of stones helped things to pop out a little more.
I had pre-glued some of the more permanent furniture in place, so set about getting that painted too. I started by covering all the furniture in Citadel Dheneb Stone, and then went mental with Citadel Contrast Wyldwood. I then dry brushed the surfaces with different, ever-lightening browns until I was happy.
Finally, I used Greenstuff World’s metallic range to pick out the banding around the casks.
All this time, I’m still trying to figure out how I can make animals, the Berzerker Brock Rider units, and now the Earth Elementals,  look at home in a tavern…???

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