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Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

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So I’ve done Moria…..

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I think Uruks can fight in Moria? Why not!
It’s one of the places they could team up I’d say. Where did all that ore for the armour come from after all? I’ve got this concept of a religious cult of orcs who worship the balrog over Sauron as they where rival servants of morgoth, and so I will probably be making the lava pit temple to the balrog to make my Moria board an 9×4 play scape. I believe the Battle games in middle earth packs layed out something of the kind so I will be returning to them as source material.

This particular build taught me just how simple terrain building can be. This all took me 5 evenings off work so approx 10-12 hours total. The polystyrene is the finish. And I think it looks great, I weighted the standing pieces by shoving screws in the bottom to stop tipping over etc, and that was essential to have done for gameplay. Metal Lotr models that have been lovingly painted don’t tip over a 1 foot chasm well. ?.

The expanded polystyrene makes a brilliant pattern for stone walling. Many buildings and structures round my neck of the woods are flint stone and brick/stone block construction. The flint is the infill pieces and the stone blocks the tie in and support structure. So if this EPS was used as the main structure and some cerial packet squares glued over joins at the corners to simulate blocks. A crude dry brushing later would have a rapid flint wall construction.

The wooden components are super quick too. 2 evenings of the five had the wood structures made and painted. Balsa and super glue are awesome! So is Dulux colour chart paints. So flipping cheap and I can’t tell the difference between it and GW paints. It’s all acrylic. £15 of paint has me a tonne of black, bestial brown and fortress grey. I haven’t used half of it on this project.

Just means I’m going to have to make a bridge, river and balrogs lair. Oh, and some pontoon assault boat landing craft.


Cos the battle games mags have some that’s why!!

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