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Uruk Hai, the return!

Uruk Hai, the return!

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About the Project

I got carried away..... and this means the original core army would never, ever be finished if I keep expanding as I go along. So here is the second stage as a separate project! I want to do a massive unit of uruks that will be used as black orcs. Maybe a white hand on their shields could denote them? As well as pikeman and cavalry! Whom do we serve? “SARUMAN!”

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Isenguards Spiders!

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Isenguards Spiders!

Loadsa warg riders spare. Warhammer 6th editions ravening hordes lists still had forest goblin spider riders.
I stumbled across wargames Atlantic’s giant spiders.
Well. Looks like a unit of forest goblin, ex warg riding, nut bags are taming the children of ungoliant. A whole unit is now in progress following this little experiment. The bar just keeps moving.

The spiders legs just need to be kept reasonably tight to the body to make sure they rank up. One spider should also favour the back 2/3 of the base while the next favours the front 2/3 and continue alternating.
the riders legs need tucking in closer to his bum, no problem there. And a needle file to hollow out the arse to crotch area so it nestles over the spiders back.

Some feathers from my warlord games landsknecht sprues (empire stand ins) and some random broken off horse tails for the mad plumage going on for his Mohawk! Oh dear….I love these minis now too.

Chuck a spear lads! Moria Goblin Bolt throwers ahoy

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Following my first battle it was quite evident I lacked some firepower. So I checked my 6ed lists and saw, spear chukkas and doom divers.

I scratched the back of my brain to stimulate the grey matter a bit. And Roman scorpion sprue popped into my head! I can rob the Romans I’ve got (empire swordsman variant) and give it to the Moria gobbo’s! I cut up an archer model, only took the bow off  and glued it to his back for use later, bent the bow arm at the elbow and voila! A gobbo sighting down the bolt thrower.

It looked a bit clean though, Romans seem neat and tidy, tidy and neat. So I cut up a base to look like jagged metal shield in front of the thrower. I am really pleased with the results!

I also want to use the bolt thrower in my lord of the rings games, as an avenger bolt thrower for my numenoreans. The Roman bags and bolts can be stuck straight on to a last alliance swordsman. No problem. A green stuff strap and he will be sorted. But the person firing the thing is more time consuming. Cut the legs above the knee guards. Hollow out his arse with a file and re glue the legs in a kneeling position. The cut off his sword and bend the arm over so both fists are touching like he is holding the bolt thrower. Looks good enough to me…… a lot of green stuff needed to blend though. And a touch of green stuff needed to make the cloak look gathered over the back of his legs. But I like it.

Lastly I made a doom diver from a spare cheapo plastic Moria troll and a very old doom diver catapult I got for cheap on eBay. £4!
minor head and arm repositioning, cocktail stick under the catapult and pin the lot together!
I love the model. I want to adjust the rules so it can be a troll bully instead of an orc one, I see the gobbos doing what the troll wants more readily than they would with an orc.

The armies of the white hand March to war!

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I finally managed a game with my Uruk hai!

Uber unit of 35 orcs with a sizeable 20 boy archer unit, and the flank covered with my 15 man gobbo/warg/wolf riders fellas!

The commanders are 2 Shaman and a big boss.

They are attempting to dislodge a warhammer 4th edition force of empire troops. Lovely minis.

We played 6th edition rules for warhammer  and loved it! We will be playing again with more forces and all painted!!! Hurrah.


Well! I’ve got carried away again....

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I buy them all off eBay. Always do, making sure they are caked in muck so I can afford them easier. Stripping minis is easy, just time required.
I often buy bundles of stuff so I get a right mix, bit of Uruk, few goblins, some humans and ohhhh a few elves!?! Well that was a bit o luck!

Trouble is I only bought them for the uruks. I say to myself ‘I’ll strip the odd bits and sell them on”.

It rarely happens, I’ve now got a Moria goblin contingent in the works. An elves of the last alliance army and a men of Numenor section!

Free wheels keep on turning, tyres keep on burning…no control.

So I think this unit of uruks will be my last bit of this project and I will open up a section on Morian night goblins! My cavalry will be a part of this new project too. No matter how much I want to pass wargs off as boars, they just look like wolves crossed with hyenas. So wolf riders they are, and now a part of the goblin contingent. I’ve posted some photos of a converted gobbo command and a converted gobbo shaman. As well as my warriors of the last alliance so far!

To the substance of this entry then, my final Uruk unit. This is my Uber unit, the command unit. Containing the big boss himself, the army standard, a couple of front row characters and a badass looking trumpeter! I got this Lass (could be, they don’t seem to be sexed) as part of a bundle off eBay. The sword was broken off and the left hand missing. Well, ball and chain with scratch built trumpet me thinks!

ive decided I’m going to paint them a little darker armoured than the others. More scarab shell black with edge highlights of shining silver so they look black armoured. A hand of Saruman on each shield for the warriors and on the faces of the command. I’m going to use them as black orcs in my game!

Pikeman ready to stick it to da Man!

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It’s taken two weeks but I’ve got there! 40 Uruk pikeman for my warhammer army. I just love these models.

couple of teething issues, I really have to make sure the primer is fully removed from the previous owner before I prime. Sometimes I leave the primer if it was done well but on a couple of my front rank ‘the heavy hand of a priming novice’ went unchecked by me. This made a lot of detail quite soft on the edges. I dry brushed these fellas (or woman? Orcs aren’t sexed are they?) a bit tough to paint quickly as dry brushing works best on hard edges as well we know!

I suspect it wasn’t a citadel primer as these usually come off, but some of those cheaply had car body primers don’t come off quite so willingly.

ah well I’m happy with them anyway! An orc shouldn’t be too neat!

another factor may have been the sub zero temperatures at which I tried to strip them. I know from school that chemical reactions work better in milder climes (don’t we all!), so next time I will put them in a takeaway tub and seal the lid. Leave it in my utility for a couple hours then brush them off outside.

Well, onto the final unit!

Too tired to paint. So I made More!!!

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I assume it’s the same for many of us, start work at 7:30, day winds down by 8pm. ‘How am I feeling?’ I ask me brain.  Sometimes it acidly replies ‘Are you JOKING!?! We are F$€#^d. Go to BED!’

So I decide to do something less taxing than paint, I make mini’s for further down the pipeline. I don’t like to waste the dead spaces in my day, you know the ones. It’s those 10mins or 30 mins between tasks while you wait for something or someone to do what you need them to do. Usually stop the mindless violence for 5 minutes and brush their teeth!!

So while I wait I can strip some minis from eBay, spray up a batch or assemble and clean up some minis in my wait pile. When I’m tired I find making mini’s the easiest thing to do.

so I made another 30 Uruk hai with army command! The scope just keeps on creeping…….Goblins are good at creeping🤔.

Also managed to get the pikes and command unit sprayed up.

One thing I’m wrestling with in my mind is what can I do to denote the command unit as the toughest bastards in town. I suspect I will be using them as Black orcs in my warhammer game. So maybe they all have the hand of Saruman on their faces? Or as an emblem on their shields? Unsure. Need inspiration, I would like it to be a subtle thing though.

I Pike it! I really really PIKE IT!

Tutoring 8
Skill 11
Idea 10

I’ve set up the next two core units in my warhammer Uruk hai. And it’s Pikes! So we can stick em right up that stuck up elf’s Jacksy! After all they look like they store a pole up there anyway.
“Make way for the Pile cream!”

Pikes make such a visual impact on the tabletop, and these Perry sculpts work brilliantly. Well they should considering they made such a huge range of historical minis! These skirmish game models rank up beautifully too.

This injection of realism into fantasy models helps enormously in their long term appeal. The stance is correct, the length of pole, the method of shouldering and the scale of the orcs are not overblown either. There’s a plausibility about these models, not like some of the steroid hulks that are out there!

This plausibility is when fantasy is at its best for me, I like Immersive games and the lord of the rings aesthetic pulls this off in spades for me.

Just gotta paint the bloody things now!



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