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Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

Uruk Hai, the return! And more……..much much more

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Movement trays part deux, magnetise!

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Next is the unusual step. Buy an imperial Tonne of sticky back magnetic sheets at 1.5mm thick and 0.4mm thick. Mostly 1.5mm thick. Stick the 0.4 to the inside of the movement tray directly under the models bases. The models bases should have magnets in them.

Then stick some more to the underside of the tray, you know, the bit touching the table during play.

Any off cuts are ideally used on miniatures whose bases are solid plastic or Mdf and inconvenient to put magnets on. Just stick the sheet over the entirety of the underside of the base.

The rest of the sheets will have been stuck to the inside of the lid and the bottom and sides of your really useful box company 9 litre or 4 litre storage boxes. The best way of storing miniatures ever! Can get 9 boxes from RYMANS online shop for £30 odd. The magnetic sheets come from eBay shop ‘the magnet shop’ 10 or 20 sheets for £15-30 dependant on thickness. And the 4x2mm N35 magnets can be bought in the 500 pack! I bought the magnets from some American company for around £25. So overall I got ten storage boxes with magnetic sheets for movement trays and box storage with enough magnets for 1000 miniatures of various sizes for £125. I wouldn’t buy 2 or 3 army cases for that. And they couldn’t be as convenient as my storage boxes. I can rock up to the game and get my regiments out ready from the box. Good to go. During game play the trays are great too. Those nuisance figures that fall over like a French footballer as soon as you look at them? Magnetised down. Take that you bastard metal standard bearer! Cry all you want, you’re staying put.

The final reason I do things this way is I can make trays for other gaming systems than my core Warhammer. Like Kings of War or War of the ring but without stir sticks for War of the Ring. Just magnetise the relevant troops to the tray and away I go without having to paint extra armies. I use my lord of the rings goblins and orcs for all the above systems and the skirmish versions of them. I don’t care about round bases! It makes no difference to game play in skirmish.

But if you do happen to play against a sadist pedant, then purchase a pack of 1000 penny washers from a fixings company like ‘Orbital Fasteners’. They will cost a penny each for a 0.5mm thick 25mm diameter washer with a 5mm aperture. Now the magnets will stick to them and you have round bases, then upon seeing a difference of Feck allllllll! You will forget the penny washer option or simply bludgeon the pedant to death (I favour the wet end of a toilet brush for such work) and find someone else to play.

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