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Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

Let's talkabout 'Mechs bay-bee

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Release the (Kell) Hounds (redux)

Tutoring 7
Skill 8
Idea 8

Trying this again as the Projects system ate my first attempt to post this (I think it was the image sizes ( >_< )

  1. So, I opted to skip the pre-shade step I was going to try for, and just applied Blood Angel Red & Black Templar directly over the Wraithbone primer, with Leadbelcher on the weapons and Retributer Gold for the cockpit glass.
  2. Next step was shading the weapons with Basilicanum Grey, and I applied Stirland Mud to the top of the bases.
  3. Once the bases were dry I drybrushed the Stirland Mud with Tallarn Sand, then hit each Battlemech with an all-over drybrush of Karak Stone (I may not have wiped all the paint off the brush when doing a couple of these).
  4. And to finish up (and to tone down the harshness and “enthusiasm” of some of the drybrushing) a wash of Nuln Oil on the ‘Mechs, and Aggrax Earthshade on the bases, with Mournfang Brown on the base rims.


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Nice work

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