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Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

Carnevale - Escape from San Canciano

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Painting the Rashaar - Hybrid

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Hybrid - Base coatsHybrid - Base coats

Initial base coats were applied to all the following areas using the specified Vallejo Model Color (or in one case Games Workshop) paint.

Shirt – German Camo Extra Dark Green

Trousers, Lacing tie on shirt neck – Flat Earth

Bandages – Deck Tan

Hair – Sky Grey

Tentacles (on head) – Hawk Turqoise (old GW paint)

Knife – Black

Skin – Light Flesh

Eye – Pink

As with the guild models a liberal coat of Agrax Earthshade was applied to everything prior to the highlighting step.

Hybrid - HighlightsHybrid - Highlights

After the Agrax dried we went back over the original colors highlighting raised areas and edges as described below.

Shirt – German Uniform

Trousers – English Uniform

Lacing on shirt neck – Green Brown

Bandages – Deck Tan

Hair – Sky Grey

Knife blade – Oily Steel

Knife Handle – Bronze

Eye – Flat Yellow

For the skin and tentacles I did not use a highlight step as such but instead tried some of my old GW glazes to tint the base colours.

Skin – Games Workshop Green Glaze

Tentacles on head – Games Workshop Purple Glaze

The green glaze worked really well but the purple didn’t really have the impact I’d have hoped for but as I move onto the last model I can refine the technique.

A coat of Basalt Grey again readied the base for the next step.

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