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"Hola amigo, I come to suck your blood!"

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Opining About Objectives - Pt. 1

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Hi everybody,

I have played well over thirty games of TSB – all of them solo and all of them lasting about 35 to 45 mins.  Up till now I have always used 2D plastic bases as my clue markers or objective markers as they are commonly known throughout the gaming community.

So a few weeks ago I decided to use 3D markers and I went searching through the interwebs to see what would strike my fancy.

I came upon some items from Alternative Armies that were affordable and suited the period and genre of the game

All clue markers are from Alternative Armies.All clue markers are from Alternative Armies.

First up are the abandon wagons.  These are fairly chunky pieces of resin and are also fairly priced.  They are also made for the black powder era, so they fit in perfectly.

I was surprised to see how well cast they are with no bubble holes or flash.  It is the first time I bough resin products from this company and I was very happy with the quality.

Next up are the crate piles.  They come in packs of two which is great.  They are also explicitly made for the period which is an added bonus.  The downside is they are the same.  This is a minor issue though, and easily solved with some glue and tissue-paper.   I will show how to do this when I get to painting them.

The hand cart below is the only item that is cast in metal.  It is a cute piece and very affordable for what it is.  it comes in three parts – 2 wheels and the body.  It was also well cast, but there was a bit of clean up need (especially around the wheels).

Last but definitely not least (since they are my favourite of the lot) are the skull piles.  I thought these would make excellent clue markers for scenarios with ghouls or maybe cultists.  They can also be used to denote ritual stacking of human skulls to mark territory or for a warning against interlopers.

I just wish they had higher piles I could buy!

Opining About Objectives - Pt. 1

A quick update for an hours work.  I do not know when I will be painting these up, but at least I can play games that are visually more interesting.

Now I have to go back to painting my troll!

Until next time, stay safe and have fun.


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