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British 8th Army Konflikt '47

British 8th Army Konflikt '47

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Tesla Turret Emplacement

Tutoring 12
Skill 12
Idea 12
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The Tesla Turret Emplacement starts from the techniques/colors described in the Picking Paint Schemes post and it finished off with the following elements:

  • Bastion Grey (Formula P3) is used for the concrete base under the turret.
  • A dry-brushing of black is applied to the power plant stacks to give them a smoke stained look.
  • Brown Tamiya Panel Liner is used to darken and accent inset corners and panels lines. It is similar to using a wash but capillary will draw it through channels in the model rather than slathering it over the whole thing.
  • Hashut Copper (Citadel) is used for piping and metal accents of the Tesla weapon system and power plant.
  • The glow of the Tesla weapon is done with a base of white and then washed with a thinned down Arcane Blue (Forumla P3)
  • Secret Weapon Pigments Dark Yellow is used as a weathering powder around the lower parts of the power plant and the concrete pad to give it a sand caked appearance. This powder is a bit more yellow than my basing colors but I feel it still fits in well enough. I believe the Secret Weapon brand is no longer in production but other brands should have similar pigments.
  • The grass tufts are Mountain Tufts (the brown ones) and Jungle Tufts (the green ones) are from The Army Painter.

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