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British 8th Army Konflikt '47

British 8th Army Konflikt '47

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Picking Paint Schemes

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Next up for this project is settling on the color schemes to use for the main elements of force.

Sandy desert ground for the bases:

  • Base coat of Tan Earth (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Heavy dry brushing of Medium Fleshtone (Vallejo Model Color)
  • For highlights a light dry brushing of Arid Earth (The Army Painter Warpaints)
Sandy Desert BaseSandy Desert Base

For the armor (tanks, walkers, automata, etc) I used this guide for inspiration (

  • Base of Green Ochre (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Heavily stipple on Dark Sand (Vallejo Model Color)
  • For highlights a dry brushing of Pale Sand (Vallejo Model Color)
  • For battle damaged areas where paint has been scratched off London Grey (Vallejo Model Color)

For the infantry I based my color choices on the recommendations in Warlord Game’s British 8th Army Paint set (

  • Uniforms: Iraqui Sand  (Vallejo Model Color)
    • Washed with a 50/50 thinned Agrax Earthshade (Citadel Colour)
  • Webbing and backpack: Stone Grey (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Uncovered Helmets: Dark Sand (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Socks and Covered Helmets: Khaki (Vallejo Model Color)
    •  Washed with a 50/50 thinned Agrax Earthshade (Citadel Colour)
  • Water Bottle, gun-straps and bayonet holster: English Uniform (Vallejo Model Color)
  • Boots Tire Black (Secret Weapon)
    • Boot highlights Rubber Highlight (Secret Weapon)
  • Wood (weapon stocks) Rhinox Hide (Citadel Colour)
  • Weapon metal Gunmetal Grey (Vallejo Model Color)

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