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Rocky Terrain Refresh - A Spring Clean

Rocky Terrain Refresh - A Spring Clean

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The Painting and Finishing Touches

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I didn’t want to paint the rocks with just lighter variants of grey drybrushing as I wanted the terrain pieces to be used in a variety of landscapes.

For paint, rather than using the standard tiny expensive pots of miniature paint I used tubes of inexpensive craft acrylic I got from Hobbycraft a year or so ago.

The Painting and Finishing Touches

Ok I lied in that I used some miniature paints, but only a small quantity. The two colours have been added to my list for the next time I go shopping for hobby materials.

I don’t have any pics of the process during the painting as I got carried away and forgot.

To start with I covered the whole terrain with a watered down Burnt Umber (the dark brown), with a little washing up liquid added to improve the flow, allowing the paint to seep into the nooks and crannies. Once this was dry I painted in random patches burnt sienna (the lighter brown), followed by a lighter mix of first burnt umber and white then burnt sienna and white. Finally I did a few patches and dottings with the Vallejo pale yellow. 

The whole lot was drybrushed with pale sand, just to bring out the texture.

Finally I made a wash of black and burnt umber, plenty of water and washing up liquid which covered the whole terrain pieces.

Here’s what I ended up with.

I was pretty happy with the result so next up I added some foliage and after sealing with watered down pva glue and yet more washing up liquid as a flow aid this is what the finished terrain pieces look like.

I thought I’d show the rocks on different mats to see how well they fit with different tables. I’m pretty happy and confident that they’ll work well in a large variety of games.

I did think about adding more foliage and static grass but I think I prefer the more stony bases.

I’m calling this project complete. I set out to improve my old collection of rock terrain and I think I achieved that. I’m looking forward to getting some games in with these new rocks.

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