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Milmaa's Age of Darkness Project

Milmaa's Age of Darkness Project

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“Going from the pursuit of perfection in all things to ultimate depravity isn’t a journey anybody makes in one step, it’s a series of small ones – each one justifiable in its own isolated way. But after you’ve taken a hundred of those small steps, you’re a long way from who you were at the start.”
― Graham McNeill, Fulgrim


So I have been humming and hawing about buying the new Horus Heresy, Age of Darkness boxed set. There were a couple of things holding me back:

  • Price
  • My current back log
  • Ive not been doing any hobby for a good while

I’ll start at the bottom, I am still in love with the while Warhammer 40k background and setting, that love has never dwindled even through my hobby droughts. So the interest is still there, I just have to curb my video gaming and let my hobby blossom again.

I have over the last few weeks sold off the parts of my pile of shame that I will never get round too. I kept a few bits for my main armies that I can see myself wanting to get round too at some point. So While my backlog is not gone It looks more tidy.

Finally Price.. When they announced the set, it was for sure going to be expensive. Thankfully places like the OTT store exist to at least  help make it more manageable. With my feelings around the other two stumbling blocks improved, along with the OTT discount, I felt this was a worthy investment.


With this project I  document my journey back in to the swing of things. Hopefully it will serve as a nice motivating tool as well.


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