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Milmaa's Age of Darkness Project

Milmaa's Age of Darkness Project

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So what legion will I be Selecting ?


This is tough and I am a big Space Wolves, and Dark Angel fan. I love Abaddon the despoiler, and his Black Legion. But maybe this project was an opportunity to paint something different than greys, greens, and black marines.

I wont be playing competitively at all, perhaps looking at my 40k history I will play very rarely as I seem to be a collector first of all. That means rules mean little to me in my decision. What means more is the models, and something different than my 40K armies, for example my 40k Dark Angels do have some of the forgeworld HH models already.

So one loyal legion and one traitor legion I think will be a good start.

Traitor choice is easy for me, its the Emperor’s Children. A very different paint scheme than I currently have, the models from FW look great, and Fulgim is one of my favourite HH books.

Loyalist wise, its  a bit tougher as the pull of the Wolves and First legion is strong, but currently I’m leaning towards Blood Angels. I love the Chapter Master Raldoron model so that is a strong pull.

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